The leak

The leak has been described as “unprecedented” by just about everyone, and could undermine the trust between the Justices, and their staff. Leaking such a document would effectively end one’s legal career, but if it was intended to reinvigorate flagging interest in President Biden’s agenda, then it almost seems that a lot of folks were in on the secret. But maybe we’re just a little cynical…

Protestors called for the Supreme Court to be burned, Justices were doxed, and their homes are now being picketed by activists. Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist blames Chief Justice Roberts for tolerating attacks on the court and for flip-flopping on decisions to suit public opinion. She makes a fine point. 

Chief Justice Roberts said the leak was “egregious” and is being investigated.

So we thank God for this small victory, for the judges who wish for lives to be spared from this wickedness. It is breath-taking to see the demonic raging of Babylon, yet we know she will fall. Hallelujah! May it be soon.

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