Trigger laws

It is hard to think anyone could have missed the news that a draft opinion was leaked from the Supreme Court of United States showing that two historic cases related to abortion look to be overturned. Even if you had not read the news, the screeching and hissing parseltongue (language warning) from abortion activists could no doubt be heard around the world. President Biden was unusually lucid, insisting that the right to abort your baby is God-given. It seems this is what he truly believes.

TikTok activists were very worried that hook up culture may be decimated if women can’t abort their babies. Some men realized that “sexual activity without commitment” might be in danger. Women who apparently hate the thought of motherhood are even considering sterilization.

Liberals claimed that if Roe v. Wade is abolished in the yet-to-be-published decision, just about everything is in danger of being banned. Yet the ruling would correct the terrible 1973 decision that pushed abortion on the States and return it to the elected authorities in each. The Week made a salient point for those who accuse the Justices of being heavy-handed: “People who thought it was perfectly legitimate for the Supreme Court to override all 50 state abortion laws for nearly a half century now think it delegitimizes the court to reach the opposite conclusion.” Axios mapped out what a post-Roe America might look like.

Democrat lawmakers have been rocked by the news, saying they will pack the Court or codify Roe into law. But problematic Senator Joe Manchin says he won’t vote to abolish the filibuster, making it difficult to pass such a law.

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