Cracking wide open

News came last week that King’s College London are hoping their research into microRNA will repair cellular damage caused by heart attacks. That’s all well and good, but we’re hoping they might slow their roll before they unleash their tech on actual people. The more post-COVID studies are surfacing, the more it seems that we should take care with these new types of medicine. 

The UnHerd podcast last week hosted an enlightening conversation with Professor Christine Stabell-Benn, a global health professor in Denmark. Professor Stabell-Benn has spent decades investigating the “non-specific effects” of vaccines. Studying populations after vaccine programs, Stabell-Benn’s team found that “all-cause” mortality declined more than could ascribed the prevention of the vaccine disease. She theorizes that the rise in immunity given through vaccination increases resistance to other diseases. 

She says, however, that the system for testing vaccines currently doesn’t monitor vaccine’s affect on mortality from other diseases. For example, in regular childhood vaccinations, she found that boys and girls reacted differently depending whether they receive “live” or “non-live” vaccines. But she only found that out by looking at broader data sets.

Stabell-Benn analysed data for the two new types of vaccines used against COVID, adenovirus vector (such as Astra Zeneca) and mRNA (Moderna and Pfizer). She found that the mRNA jabs were associated with a significant risk of death. While Professor Stabell-Benn stressed that her preprint study involves small numbers, she wants to see more research conducted. 

In other news, the FDA has limited the use of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine on account of blood-clotting risk. A new MIT study has added to the growing pile of evidence that COVID vaccines are associated with a significant jump in emergency heart problems, especially in younger people. More bad news for kids, as ten US states are reporting an alarming rise in “mysterious” childhood hepatitis.

Brownstone Institute reports that Pfizer arrived at the 95% efficiency claim for its vaccine through sketchy PCR testing methods.

Rhode Island is still considering its bill to fine folks who refuse to be vaccinated and tax parents who won’t get their kids jabbed.

One American Airlines pilot is telling his story after having a heart attack minutes after landing. Robert Snow blames mandated vaccination, saying it is unlikely he will be able to fly again. 

So it ain’t over yet, peeps. In many ways, the work is just beginning. It would seem the narrative we have been spun is breaking apart and those who have been let down by experts and politicians who promised to protect them start to deal with the damage. We can be good neighbors to those who have been harmed, and speak up for the least of these. 

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