Young recruits

Brace yourselves— “Pride Month” is on the horizon and the usual rainbow-colored virtual signaling will be coming to a woke enterprise near you. Target, which has shown its dedication to promoting the Sexual Revolution in the past, has taken their zealotry to a seriously disturbing level. The retailer has released a range of “gender affirming” clothing including “chest binders” and “packing underwear”.

Commentator Allie Beth Stuckey highlighted the damage that chest binding inflicts on young women, both physically and psychologically. One comment she found on an internet forum shows the malevolence of the spirit that is behind our culture’s gender confusion. Reddit user SirenSigh said that the “pressure of the binder can become addictive in its own way, self-soothing like a tight hug or a weighted blanket”. She said that binding did not lessen her dysphoria but intensified it.

Target also has a range of kids T-shirts in the colors of the transgender flag (baby pink and blue, how strange!) featuring woke slogans, so you can get your little activist indoctrinated early..

ICYMI The Federalist has been keeping an eye on Planned Parenthood and it appears that the abortion mill has been compensating for the reduction in demand for their baby killing services. Since 2017, PP has been offering women cross-sex hormones, in a “school-to-clinic pipeline”. While US health officials insist that children will die if they don’t receive “gender-affirming” care, reports out of Sweden and other European countries reveal that puberty blockers and other drugs are incredibly dangerous and the science around them is far “well-established” as claimed by Health Secretary Rachel Levine.

You must know by now, dear reader, that this movement is a restless evil and children are not safe from its clutches. So pray for wisdom to speak up and opportunities to snatch them from this fire. Also pray for Christian medical professionals who are at the coalface to stand firm in the face of hostility. 

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