Killing is not healthcare

The US Senate failed to advance the Democrat-sponsored Women’s Health Protection Act. The vote was largely along party lines with Senator Manchin (D-WV) joining the Republican side. Pro-abortion lawmakers said they wanted to codify Roe v. Wade into law before a possible overturning by the Supreme Court. However, opponents said that the Act would have enshrined significantly more extreme abortion laws than what was available under Roe. For a summary of what was in the bill, check out this post

We praise God that this bill did not even get a majority, let alone the 60 votes needed to advance it, but it is likely Democrats knew that from the outset. Albert Mohler suggests that the intention was to signal to voters who is on which side and to paint those against wild abortion access as extremists.

Noisy mobs continue to hang around the homes of Justices of the Supreme Court, after the leaking of a draft opinion recently. A neighbor of Justice Alito took to playing hymns on her piano and a man who lives next to Justice Coney Barrett told protestors to push off and “get a family”. Pray the Justices will stay true to their convictions. 

Secretary of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen was quizzed by Democratic lawmakers on the impact banning abortion will have on the economy. Secretary Yellen said that taking away the ability of women to kill their babies would “set them back decades”. It would seem that keeping the economic machine running is more important than saving lives. (Except when it comes to COVID, then all bets are off…)

The number of abortion clinics in the USA has been dwindling for many years, but the incidence of “self-managed” abortions is on the rise, as well as the demand for abortion pills. Reading through reviews for abortifacient pills on Amazon shows a heartbreaking record of how flippant young women (and their parents) are about unborn human lives.

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