Ignorance is not love.

Willful ignorance of what is happening to your neighbor is hatred for your neighbor.

Apathy toward evil, even in the name of “obedience,” is participation in that evil.

You cannot stop all the evils in the world. You cannot change the course of history by yourself. It is not your job to feed every poor person, to help every orphan, to stop every theft, to right every wrong. But you you can pray against the wicked. You can call out the thief. You can speak up in defense of the helpless. You can petition in favor of the poor.

You can refuse to turn a blind eye to public iniquity. You can rejoice in the power of the the truth.

When people don’t care about what is happening to their neighbors, it is the neighborhood, it is society, that suffers.

You, Christians, are the light of the world. Shine.

You, Christians, are the salt of the earth. Be salty.

You, Christian, believe: love never fails.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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