Dads on duty

News also came that the site of the Uvalde massacre would be closed, and the school building turned into “something else”. The fear and grief felt about returning to the place where such violence was committed is too much for some.  One father has acted on his fears and taken to standing outside his daughter’s school.

Ed Chelby, a former veteran said worried parents have come to him, expressing how they fear to send their children to school. Chelby checks that people coming into the building are supposed to be there. A photo of him standing at the front door went viral. “I’m watching”, he said.

This reminded us of a story from last year, where a group of dads organised to hang out at a local school in Louisiana. After violent brawls between students saw 23 arrests, the dads took it upon themselves to mentor and encourage kids, with the result that truancy and fighting has stopped. Michael LaFitte who started the group said, “We’re dads. We decided the best people who can take care of our kids are us.” This is patriarchy at its best and we’re here for it!

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