A fifth column

News out of California last week..San Francisco District Attorney, Chesa Boudin was ousted from his post in a recall election. Left-leaning media blamed the result on fear-mongering and buckets of cash given by businesses. Some suggested that the long Republican tenure through recent history had made the state too conservative to know progress when it sees it. 

Boudin comes from progressive royalty, his parents serving jail time for terrorist acts as part of the Weather Underground. His appointment was part of what The Daily Signal calls the “rogue prosecutor movement,” attorneys who believe that the criminal system is corrupt and racist and must be dismantled from within. Reason summed up this progressive approach as believing that “social services can fix most or all urban dysfunction and that withholding police and prosecutorial resources can force the adoption of those alternatives.” 

There would be little doubt that the criminal justice system has its flaw and failures. But critics say that Boudin has not been treating serious crimes seriously. Boudin claimed to have reduced crime in the city, but others say that was only because a number of crimes, including theft, were downgraded.

Oregon may see a similar backlash against its progressive agendas. Daily Mail recently reported that since Oregon decriminalized all drugs last year, the state has seen a 700% increase in overdoses

Across on the east coast, prosecutors in various states have said they will not enforce pro-life laws if Roe v. Wade is overturned. So pray for this movement to fail. Ask God for just judges who will restrain evil and reward good. 

You may have heard by now that a young man has been arrested outside the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The California resident was carrying weapons and tools, saying he hoped to give his life purpose by killing the Justice. The mainstream media downplayed the seriousness of the attack but given how sacred abortion is to the progressive Left, it seems that threatening pro-life Justices is fair play.

2 thoughts on “A fifth column

  1. I like to think that progressives are not evil, just misinformed and very very naive.
    You can believe in a common good, but not everyone shares that commonality. Really enjoyed reading this.

    1. Thank you! I think in the case of some, they really are naive – not being aware of how they are being manipulated. But in the case of others, I really do think they are evil, having given themselves over to base desires long enough to think they are right.. I never can tell which is which though 🙂

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