The anti-library

Have you ever felt a twinge of guilt, walking by that pile of books you been meaning to read? A curious post from Farnham Street blog might make you feel better! The writer suggests that unread books are the whole point of building a library – the more you know, the more you want to know. 

Could unread books be the most important? The writer says we “underestimate the value of what we don’t know and overvalue what we do know”. Of course, an unread book can’t help you a great deal, but he says his “antilibrary” keeps him humble – unread books “serve as a visual reminder of what I don’t know”.

Dr Koontz once fielded a question about how he chooses what to read. While our interests change over time, his advice was to read books that “will be useful to you or useful to your family’s life” but also choose books “for the sheer love of knowing”. That journey of discovery starts with what you don’t know.

Mad Christians know that there is value in coming back to the same great books over and over. Even more so, when applied to Scripture. But the point is well-made. In a world awash with information, claims and counter-claims, there is a certain joy that comes with saying “I don’t know”. 

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