A picture of health

Anyone who has tried to move away from the grip of the Standard American Diet knows it. Even more, anyone who’s tried to explain that fresh air, sunlight and losing some weight are helpful ways to combat COVID knows it. What do they know? That the definition of what it means to be healthy seems to be devoid of objectivity and is largely becoming detached from reality.  

The Wellness Industrial Complex, under the guise of self-help, has gotten us accustomed to thinking that healthy is whatever makes us feel good, safe, happy, and comfortable. But there are limits to that as the ultimate criteria. Readers may have noticed that the “body positivity” movement has begun to push obesity as a good thing. Advocates of neuro-diversity are redefining mental illness to be more inclusive. In New York, injecting drug users are encouraged to see their habit as a source of empowerment. 

Chris Bedford at The Federalist has been pondering the shifting goalposts and concludes that increasingly the term “health” means whatever those in power want it to mean. He writes:

“‘Sexual health,’ for example, is used to justify all sorts of perversions in the classroom. ‘Mental health’ is used to justify feeding hormone suppressants to vulnerable children. ‘Reproductive health’ is used to justify abortion.”

If you have been listening to A Brief History of Power podcast, you may have heard Rev. Fisk and Dr. Koontz warn that those who would rule the world are happy to have a population of fat, lazy people, distracted with every shiny object. While redefining health may promise an easy way to remove shame or guilt, Bedford warns that we should not fall for it. While there are those who are content “to wield words as weapons”, giving in just makes you less focused on the sleight of hand. 

St Paul acknowledged that he was free to enjoy the good things God gives, but he also disciplined his body so as not to be disqualified. It’s not about eating your greens and hitting the gym, but we should not let the world’s truth dictate what is good, what is right and what is true. That is found in God’s holy Word. We know it. 

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