Choose life

Have you ever paused to wonder how many things we do that seem completely normal to us are, in fact, great evil? 

This is one of the mysteries of the human condition: we are terribly effective justifiers. We can make excuses for anything, especially once we have already done it. We are marvelously wicked in our ability to bend the story so the interpretation is in our favor, even if that means ignoring the gravest of realities.

Few better examples of this tendency can be found than the modern baby-killing movement. Last week’s deregulation of the baby-part black market in the US has met with manifold exhibitions of vile hatred masquerading as the good and right and true. From the gnashing of teeth to threats of violence and mayhem to the ridiculous cry that this will cost American lives, the depths of our vitriol is on full display.

The mob does not know it is a mob, and this is all the more reason for the pro-life community to take this victory not as an end but as a means. This is the means toward a platform for a better world. This is the means toward unity in politics on a fundamental foundation. This is the means toward remembering that Jesus answers prayer, and so don’t stop praying now.

Western culture is far more sold-out to chaos than it was in 1973. The youth have been brainwashed and mind-numbed with demonic accuracy leading to self-mutilation, inebriation, and despair. The corporations are sold-out to global trans-humanist interests and are practicing eugenic experimentation on us openly. The local governments are so mired in bureaucracy that they cannot see that this change of elites means an end to their power to rule at all. 

All of that means that this is not a time to think we have won. This is not a time to merely hold some ground. This is the time to stand up and salvo. This is a time to remember the power of a non-violent protest and act on it. This is the time to rediscover the strength of conviction and organize it.

This is a time to insist that life is the most public matter.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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