Red flag

The Supreme Court had a blinder of a week! Apart from handing down the huge ruling on abortion, the Court overruled New York’s “proper cause” requirements for gun ownership. Gun owners in New York have been restricted when carrying guns outside of their properties. In addition, self-defense was not considered a valid reason for purchasing a firearm. 

Meanwhile, panicked GOP senators have joined the calls to “do something” about gun violence. Fifteen Senators backed a Bill which incentivizes states to spend more on mental health and enforce “red flag” laws. Some complained they were not given time to read or consider the bill, but that may have been by design. Writing at The Federalist John R. Lott says while “red flag laws” are often used to remove guns from suicidal individuals, the rush to pass this Bill could result in the confiscation of guns without due process

The Bill is expected to be signed by the President shortly.

Texas Tribune has written a long article on the tragic timeline of the Uvalde school shooting. Lack of clear leadership and  miscommunication hampered efforts to subdue the shooter. 

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