It’s a Big Pharma world – you just live in it

In 2014, the Obama administration put a moratorium on funding for “gain-of-function” research. The ban was prompted by several troubling near misses involving anthrax, small pox, and vials of the “bird flu” virus, H5N1. At the end of that year, a group of scientists met in Germany to discuss the decision and its impact on their field.  The archived presentations are… Read More It’s a Big Pharma world – you just live in it

Online Privacy tips from our Mad readers

Security online is a somewhat tenuous and ever-shifting problem that may be difficult tomanage or navigate. However, there are tools that can help. Since there are no perfect toolsthat keep you safe, nothing can substitute good, common-sense approaches. For instance,don’t open attachments or links from emails or texts you don’t 100% know are legitimate(unless you… Read More Online Privacy tips from our Mad readers

Dads on duty

News also came that the site of the Uvalde massacre would be closed, and the school building turned into “something else”. The fear and grief felt about returning to the place where such violence was committed is too much for some.  One father has acted on his fears and taken to standing outside his daughter’s school. Ed Chelby,… Read More Dads on duty

Spiritual problems, spiritual solutions

The USA continues to be rocked by shootings, Tulsa, Philly, and Chattanooga, and what is sadly a fairly normal weekend in Chicago. Pastor Wolfmueller spoke about mass shootings on Issues, Etc. and crystalized some wisdom about evil, grieving, humility. Pastor Wolfmueller points out that encountering evil in this world is a call for each of us to repent, recognising the things… Read More Spiritual problems, spiritual solutions