Building blocks

Merriam-Webster is not done kicking against the goad of reality. Readers may remember that the publisher got a little creative with the definition of “vaccine” during the pandemic. It now appears they think “female” includes a “gender identity opposite of male”. With a spectrum of genders to choose from these days, it’s hard to see how one could be… Read More Building blocks

Check your head

Efforts to curb gun crime continue in the USA with lawmakers legislating even while many of them see woefully uninformed about what guns do. California’s Governor Gavin Newsom wants firearms dealers to be sued if they sell guns to anyone under 21.  While we all pray that mass shootings and violent crime would be brought to heel, folks who follow the… Read More Check your head

Sticking to the narrative

What is it with climate activists gluing themselves to artworks? Two protestors in Italy were unceremoniously bounced out of a gallery after they stuck their hands to a Botticelli painting.  Well, they may not have to protest much longer, with the Biden administration seemingly bent on doing away with fossil fuel use. So buy an electric car already! Just don’t ask where the… Read More Sticking to the narrative

Green and mean

Strange things are afoot in the world of climate alarmism. Faced with massive energy shortages as Russia threatens to further cut supply, the European Union voted last week to include natural gas and nuclear power on their list of sustainable activities. Activists were critical of the move, saying it smacks of “dirty politics” and continues to fill Putin’s… Read More Green and mean


ἀποστυγοῦντες τὸ πονηρόν, κολλώμενοι τῷ ἀγαθῷ. Hate the evil. Unite with the good. Romans 12:9  You cannot love the good without hating the evil. This shouldn’t be complicated. But in our age of post-Christendom technocracy it has become the philosophical battleground for many Christians.  There is no weapon the godless use against you like your own… Read More Overcome