Caving under pressure

For some time now, the Southern Baptist Convention, America’s second largest church organization has been under a cloud. Allegations of sexual abuse have been picked over by corporate news media which has has been only too willing to display the church with egg on her face. 

Journalist Megan Basham thought the sketchy lack of detail sounded much like Hollywood’s #metoo moment. While there are a number of awful cases of true abuse in the SBC, Basham says that the findings of this investigation should concern “anyone interested in maintaining a biblical standard of justice“. 

In an interview with The Federalist, Basham suggests that in the spotlight of harsh media criticism, the desire to “do something” led to rushed actions which ultimately ruined people’s lives and reputations. In a warning to other church bodies, Basham notes that the consistent criticism of the biblical doctrine of male leadership by mainstream media is fuelling divisions within the denomination. Shrill voices inside and outside the church blame sexual abuse on the lack of female clergy. While that is ridiculous, the bride of Jesus must stand firm and take her orders from Christ rather than seeking approval from the spirit of the age. 

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