My nouns are…offensive?

Whatever it used to be, most of our readers know, Disney is gross. Leaked footage from a yet-to-be-released series overtly promotes transgenderism. IICYMI one Disney heiress was recently revealed to be transgender, and she is putting a lot of money into making sure kids get indoctrinated. 

A group of House Democrats have announced a bill they have nicknamed the “Transgender Bill of Rights”. The group hope to codify the case known as Bostock into lawIn the case, the Supreme Court ruled that a Georgia funeral home was wrong to fire a male employee who started identifying as female. 

In Britain, trainspotters are noticing that the National Health Service is doing its best to remove the “offensive” nouns “woman” and “women” from its website. Critics say that “desexing” medical information puts women at risk. 

Writer Sarah Horgan has published a great piece at Modern Reformation about the Gnostic beliefs of the transgender movement. The idea that the physical world is inherently evil has implications for “those in the transgender camp who may feel despair over their physical bodies”. Far from the hopeless lie that there is “no redemption, but only management” for our bodies, Horgan reminds readers that Jesus did not shun human form, moreover that he rose bodily, as a promise that we too would rise to newness of life.

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