That’s not much of an argument

It is clear that those who support abortion have not had to make a decent defense for their position in, say, 50 years. US Vice President Kamala Harris tried to appeal to parents of sons, warning that young men may have to step up and be responsible for a child they help conceive if abortion is not reinstated federally. And that is supposed to be a bad thing?

CNN commentator Ana Navarro who identifies as Catholic when she’s “inside the church” said some moms need abortion because raising kids with disabilities is hard and it is difficult to get help. Slippery slope has entered the chat

For now, the pro-aborts are resorting to hissy fits and threats of political action. Senator Elizabeth Warren insisted that pro-life centers should be punished and fined for their “false advertising” about “reproductive health care”. Health Secretary Javier Becerra has not ruled out using federal land to build abortion clinics in states that ban it. While they claim to be all about choice, it would seem some choices are not allowed. 

Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson has been sworn-in as the newest Justice of the Court and is expected to be the ideological replacement for Justice Breyer as he retires. We do not expect her to rule on the side of life. Since KBJ admitted she doesn’t know what a woman is, she probably can’t say what a human is either.

So keep making the argument for life! The reason the culture of death is irrational is because they deny the truth. Beware the motte and Bailey and pray as you go out into the battlefield.

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