The insurrection will be televised

The United Nations has warned that millions of people worldwide are “accutely food insecure”, according to The Guardian. The talking heads blame Russia’s blockade of wheat and also fertilizer, but perhaps they have not been looking outside their bubble? 

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister declared his country to be bankrupt saying the economy has “completely collapsed”. There is plenty of blame to go around, with financial mismanagement on the part of successive governments causing the devaluation of the currency. The debt-laden country has not been able to purchase fuel, leading to shortages and power cuts. 

Interestingly, the Daily Caller has pointed out the climate agenda in the form of ESG ideology (seems the right word here) was a tipping point for Sri Lanka. A ban on chemical fertilizers in early 2021 devastated agricultural output, upsetting trade balance. 

Meanwhile, a bona fide insurrection took place in the capital city Colombo, as thousands of people stormed the presidential palace. People were photographed hanging out in the residence vowing to stay until President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s government is over.

The newly-minted president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., has vowed to increase corn and rice production in his country. Probably a wise move.

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