Devoted to self-destruction

There have been rumblings — we know you’ve heard them. We cannot sit on our hands any longer. While our politicians may continue to quote the Bible, many do not believe it. Places that would instil Godly principles, including much of the church are awash with nonsense at best and nefarious schemes at the worst. Whether we like it or not, ready or not, the fight has come to us. Whatever God-fearing or Christian ages we have lived through, we are now in hostile territory

For those watching Rev. Fisk’s YouTube show, you may have heard him field accusations that political opinion is beneath Christians and especially pastors. Aren’t we just being divisive and wasting our time being “too political”?  As the Mad Christian pointed out, the reason to pay attention to media reports is because what’s in the white noise impacts our faith. While there is such a thing as being “too online”, refusing to acknowledge what time it is leaves your neighbor open to harm.

In a similar vein, Dr. Ryan MacPherson was a guest on Issues Etc, discussing the doctrine of “two kingdoms”. While a particular reading of Romans 13 is used as a cudgel to browbeat Christians into obedience to every authority, Dr. MacPherson clearly shows that “not everyone who rules, rules rightly”. Reiterating ideas laid out in the Magdeburg Confession, he states it plainly — not every authority is entitled to obedience. 

Finally, Pastor Koontz wrote a heart-felt appeal on the topic of Christian engagement, noting that things which “sufficed for times of prosperity and ease” will not cut it any more. While our culture hurls itself into the path of evil of all kinds, remaining aloof or distracted by our internal debates is not an option. “Our indifference is killing us, and we have mistaken this quiet slip into death for peace.”

Hopefully you can pick up what these men are laying down — the lite tyranny of the last two years which closed churches and imposed what it wanted (all for our benefit, of course!) has revealed how extensive the rot is. As Pastor Koontz says “now is the time for love”. Ignorance is not loving, and love is not passive. Before his glorious benediction, St. Jude exhorted his readers to “save others with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh”. 

Let’s not be too indifferent to exhort each other to keep going, too fearful of the opinions of men. We have the Words of life entrusted to us, the message of reconciliation, the Good News that Christ is risen, Christ will come again. Pastor Koontz lays down the challenge: “what wouldn’t you give to see your children in heaven, to see your neighbors living life in the Way of peace, to see your country turned to the fear of the Lord?” 

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