Glitter in the carpet

It’s 2022. Drag queens are reading to little kids in public libraries. Affirming that men cannot be pregnant makes you transphobic. And  Church of England clergy say that the definition for “woman” is no longer self-evident. How did we get here? There are many factors for consideration but one thing is clear— the transgender juggernaut is not dissipating any time soon. 

Podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey posted two eye-opening shows recently which make it clear that smashing the distinction between man and woman is only part of the plan. Sowing confusion is the standard method of upending reality, with a goal of destroying anything good, true or beautiful. Controlling the language throws reasoned debate off balance and that is exactly what the zeitgeist wants.

James Lindsay, who readers may know as a staunch critic of Critical Theory and socialism, was a guest on Stuckey’s show, arguing that the “queerification” of everything is simply Marxist principles applied to sexuality. Lindsay lays out the philosophical roots that have lead to the normalization of sexual deviancy, including pedophilia. 

If you thought this movement couldn’t get any more seedy, Stuckey also interviewed feminist journalist Genevieve Gluck. In the course of working to expose the damage biological male inmates are doing in women’s prisons, Gluck fell down another awful rabbit hole. Her investigations revealed that groups promoting the vilest pornography and pedophilia are now the the ones advising government agencies and physicians about “transgender care” for children. Foxes are running this hen house. 

But that is the end game. One activist compared the mission of obliterating distinctions between the sexes to putting “glitter in the carpet”, shiny and really hard to get rid of. It is interesting to note that Gluck, who doesn’t profess to be a Christian in this interview, sees that men who trade their masculine roles to embrace a weaker feminine persona place women and children in danger.   

These are hard podcasts to listen to and may not be for every reader. All the same, knowing the lengths wicked minds will go to get their way is a warning to Mad Christians — when it comes to God’s design for marriage and family, we must not give an inch. The sparkly objects that attract the simple into diabolical traps need to be exposed by the light of Truth. 

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