Building blocks

Merriam-Webster is not done kicking against the goad of reality. Readers may remember that the publisher got a little creative with the definition of “vaccine” during the pandemic. It now appears they think “female” includes a “gender identity opposite of male”. With a spectrum of genders to choose from these days, it’s hard to see how one could be the “opposite” of another. 

But everything is up for grabs, to keep you unsteady and take your eyes off the man behind the curtain. Spooked by an opinion written by the Supreme Court’s Justice Thomas in the Dobbs decision, lawmakers have hastily written bills to codify gay marriage and access to contraception into law. A number of Republican congressmen voted for the bills, with Washington Examiner conceding that if you can’t get the state out of marriage altogether, it would be discriminatory to exclude some. Go figure.

However, we can take courage. These bills prove that rulings which forced gay marriage on the all fifty states are based on shaky legal argumentation. Despite what activists say, the matter is not settled. So we need to dust off our arguments like it’s 2013 (or 2004 or 2006). In a recent interview with Issues, Etc., Katy Faust from the organization “Them Before Us” says if you start with the needs of a child and argue backwards from there, natural marriage – God’s design for family – is what you arrive at. Every time.

 Writing in the Spectator, Daniel McCarthy proposes a not-so-hypothetical future where children are “commissioned” and grown using incubation. Like every dystopic sci-fi image you can imagine, McCarthy warns: what has been said about how the pill changed society “will apply a hundred times over…to the advent of artificial gestation”. When it comes to marriage and family, the defense can never rest – we’ve got a lot of defending to do!

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