Sticking to the narrative

What is it with climate activists gluing themselves to artworks? Two protestors in Italy were unceremoniously bounced out of a gallery after they stuck their hands to a Botticelli painting.  Well, they may not have to protest much longer, with the Biden administration seemingly bent on doing away with fossil fuel use. So buy an electric car already! Just don’t ask where the electricity comes from. Or how you can afford it.

In a recent interview, one energy expert pointed out that there is not enough renewable energy in the entire world to transition away from fossil fuels, as our politicians would delude themselves into believing.

Yet everything can be scrutinized according lofty climate goals. Wired reports that the US government would like to rein in the energy consumption of cryptocurrency. How much does it cost the planet to print all the money we’re spending? Although we know modern economies are more akin to digits stored in computers, Tufts University tried putting an environmental price on cash against crypto and it may surprise some!

The pressure to make agriculture more environmentally-friendly is still being felt by farmers everywhere. Dutch farmers are still holding protests to retain their land, herds and way of life. One farmer told the Guardian, “A lot of people in the cities don’t see the link between what they eat every day and what we as farmers do”. In the UK, the government announced it would pay farmers if they wanted to leave farming. A lump sum payment was available on the guarantee that they would rent their land to a new generation of farmers or sell it for “rewilding” with trees

People may take our Western abundance for granted but it will be the poorest who suffer if climate policies are viciously implemented. We rejoice with that this issue is being highlighted and the opportunity it brings for  justice to be done. But we are not looking to the worldly powers to provide for us, but rather to the one made heaven and earth with the power of his Word. He ordained all our days before we even existed. So don’t wallow in this muck, but trust him who rose from the dead and is coming back soon.

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