Unsettling science

After being given the “all clear” for COVID, President Biden has tested positive once again and is back in isolation. The President says he has no symptoms but is experiencing what doctors are calling a rare “rebound” case. However, it is likely it is not so rare as reported. Pfizer’s therapeutic COVID drug Paxlovid which was used to treat the President, has a habit of only subduing the virus briefly causing people to be “antigen positive” after recovering. Then again, testing is hardly an exact science either… 

preprint study out of Netherlands has shown what our readers most likely suspect – the vaccines had little effect on reducing deaths from COVID. The authors conclude: 

“We could not observe a mortality-reducing effect of vaccination in Dutch municipalities after vaccination and booster campaigns. We did find a 4-sigma-significant mortality-enhancing effect during the two periods of high unexplained excess mortality. Our results add to other recent findings of zero mRna-vaccine effectiveness on all-cause mortality, calling for more research on this topic.” 

The study acknowledges the limitations of available data, but as Rev Fisk has said before, we should not be surprised that evil men cover their lies with more lies. Those who hid the dangers of these vaccines know that their deceptions are coming to light. Pray for those who were deceived and harmed. 

After recent news that established treatment for depression is based on flimsy data, research papers which inform the consensus on Alzheimer’s disease have come under scrutiny. Neuroscientist Matthew Schrag revisited the most-cited studies on the illness. He found the most influential studies were based on shoddy data and is likely fraudulent. Apart from pointing to the wasted time and funding that faulty data causes, one researcher lambasted the lack of rigorous checking on the part of scientists: “It’s not some magic skill. It’s their job to do the gatekeeping”. 

Christopher Bedford points out in The Federalist that corrupted humans will always find what they want to find and shut down those who don’t agree. On COVID, on climate change, the science is not as settled as some want you to think, but to those people, it is a religion. So pray for our brothers and sisters in scientific vocations – it can be a tough gig! For Mad Christians, we need not despise the providential gift of studying God’s creation through the sciences, but it sure makes for a lousy god. 

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