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“The Bible did not learn from Aristotle, but Aristotle from the Bible.”
– Alfred Edersheim, The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

In an age of utter collapse, it’s important to have deep roots. When the wind is blowing and the storm is harsh, you want your foundations to be solidly on the rock. When the devil is wielding his best magical lies, you want your hope to rest on the column and fulcrum that will not be moved. 

Most modern people tend to think that we are always progressing upward. Arrogant barbaric people assume that they know more than their ancestors. Religious Studies is a field of sophistry built on the presumption that whatever Christianity is it pirated from ancient paganism. 

But the fact is that mankind is almost universally always moving downward. Most lives are lived in quiet and desperate collapsing despair. There is nothing the devil teaches that he didn’t first steal from Jesus.

The best lies rely on a nugget of truth. They take the truth and then they twist it.

The absolute power of Christianity is that it has always been here. Adam had it. Noah had it. David had it. Through seasons of great reformation the glory of it spread like a magnificent tree in full blossom. But then come seasons of lethargy, seasons of skepticism, seasons of idolatry. Over time, what was known becomes lost. Weakened and sold out, truth stumbles on a shadow of its former self.

Such a time is this.

But the Truth is not gone, just hidden. The wisdom is not dead, just unheard. The Bible is not lost, just forgotten.


Not by you. Not by me. Not by us.

We shall overcome. It’s more than a hope. It’s a fact.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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