Borrow trouble

You may have heard that a bunch of armed FBI agents raided former President Donald Trump’s Florida home a few days ago. The takes have been white hot and numerous. The reporting ranges from “Nothing to see here” to “This is America’s descent into a banana republic”. 

It would seem a mole within Mr Trump’s circle directed federal agents to specific rooms and a safe at Mar-a-Lago, claiming that classified government documents were being kept unlawfully. Although Mr. Trump was reportedly careless when it came to adhering to the Presidential Records Act, many people have questions for the FBI.

The Presidential Records Act was instituted in the years following the Watergate scandal to keep Presidents from destroying or squirreling away important documents. But while it is a serious offense to remove documents from the National Archive, commentators have agreed that the evidence of criminal activity would need to be overwhelming to justify such a raid. 

We have previously pointed out the useless tactic of pointing out hypocrisy, especially when your enemy doesn’t care what you think. With the Democrats wanting to find a reason to arrest Donald Trump since he came to office in 2016, it is easy to believe that this is a weaponized use of the Department of Justice against political opposition. 

While President Trump has insisted he declassified all of the documents in his possession before leaving the White House, the exact list of what was found has not been released. So while a lot of speculation about nuclear codes and national security secrets are thrown around, we need to wait to see if the FBI has risked their reputation for a specter. As with much media reporting in this noisy age, what is not reported is often as important as what is reported. 

An old video from Senator Ron Paul has begun circulating following the news out of Florida. He suggested way back in 1988 that the FBI was a tool that could be used for much mischief. Also ICYMI, The Federalist featured an interesting podcast a few weeks ago – we may have to rethink everything we know about the Watergate scandal. 

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