Keeping it riddikulus

If you watched last week’s Stop the White Noise, you would have caught Rev. and Mrs. Fisk discussing the helpful advice gleaned from self-help guru Tony Robbins. Robbins promotes a method of dealing with a crippling emotional life called “scrambling”. The mental exercise involves turning trauma and unhealthy mental habits into cartoons.  

In a similar vein, we came across a post chronicling advice from the Stoics to help fight anxiety. Cartoons and Stoics are probably not two things you generally place in the same bucket, but hear us out! Like Robbins, the Stoics found it helpful to “name your monster” and make it smaller. But many things suggested in the post will be familiar habits to longtime Mad Monday readers: take time to be quiet, be content with less, put worldly concerns in their eternal perspective. 

These human thinkers have great insight into the human condition, but they can’t top the truth given to us in the Word. Jesus told us to cast our burdens onto him, and to pray over everything that makes us anxious. As he pointed out, can anyone add an hour to his life by worrying about it? So take those anxious thoughts captive and as Rev. Fisk suggests, fill your mind with the light of God’s word.

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