Mostly dead

Science and philosophy were having a little debate recently about life and death. Scientists at Yale University reanimated organs from a dead pig, challenging the notion that cell death is irreversible.  We’ve been arguing for some time about when life begins, but man’s quest for scientific knowledge is now challenging what it means to be dead.

Perhaps even more creepy is RenewalBio, an Israeli start-up aiming to copy you into an embryo designed for harvesting organs when you’re old. We’ve written previously (here and here) about the wild frontiers that scientists are forging as they seek to prolong life here on earth. There is a time to be born and a time to die as the Teacher writes in Ecclesiastes, but it is Jesus who breaks the silver cord. Godless men will seek to defy death, but the death of the saints is as Rev Fisk, a particular gift to them as they remember the coming resurrection. 

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