“Civil war is here.”

That’s what MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross said. Her proof? People don’t trust the FBI.

“People keep saying a civil war is coming — I would say a civil war is here.”

“And I don’t mean to be hyperbolic. We can look at what has happened just in the past week alone since all this has happened.”

I think she’s a liar. I think she means to be hyperbolic. I think she is paid to fear monger. I think it is her job to escalate the situation for her viewers.

But I also agree with her. Civil war is here. Of course, it looks a lot less like the “first generation” American Civil War and a lot more like the “fifth-generation” wars such as when the CIA toppled Iran (1979), Guatemala (1954), Congo (1960), Dominican Republic (1961), South Vietnam (1963), Brazil (1964), and Chile (1973).

It is a war of information control and attrition. It is a war with a different function. The goal of fifth-gen warfare is not to kill your enemy but to kill his narrative, to end his story, to annihilate his ability to consider fighting back an option at all. This is what makes fifth-gen war the first type of warfare that intentionally targets civilian population with its weapons.

Christians cannot avoid such things because we have been engaged in a battle of narratives from the beginning. In a very real sense, the Christian faith is the original fifth-gen assault. The newcomers to this battle are the nation-states that once exclusively existed to fight each other, but now (under the globalizing religions of technocracy, trans-humanism, and cultural Marxism) are increasingly targeting their own populations.

Maybe it’s George Soros, or Klaus Schwab, or the CCP, or maybe is just the demons. But what I know is that when Tiffany Cross screams about the sky falling because blah blah blah FBI blah blah blah violent this and that, she is a front-line actor in a war against my commonsense and sanity. She wants me to forget my children, my neighborhood, and my local church, and join her cause of worshiping the fear of men. She wants me to forget life, liberty, and human rights and take up the shame-tactic arsenal of bully-pulpit wokeness. She wants me to start doing her job for her.

I hope you’ll join me in fighting back with peace.

Yes. The civil war is already here. Yes. This world is filled with many bad actors. No. Don’t expect to see your neighbors lining up in the streets to shoot at each other. Expect them to lay down their minds in front of glowing blue gods and act more and more barbaric to those who don’t worship in the same way.

Then, worship differently, and remember that no matter how loud they shout, the Day is coming, burning like an oven. Every knee shall bow. He reigns. Alleluia.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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  1. You may not be able to respond to this in this forum. Barbarism knows no bounds. In a sinful world, is that true of peace?

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