Hands off

You may have heard that an Amish farmer has been giving the USDA grief for some time now. Amos Miller has acquired a loyal clientele who love the produce he sells at his farm in Maine. Miller came into the spotlight in 2016 when one person’s death was linked to raw milk from his farm. We’re not against sensible safety measures, but since then the USDA has taken exception to the way he produces meat, Mr Miller does not treat it with preservatives which is required by regulation. 

Miller is facing heavy fines and jail time for his non-compliance but an appeals court has agreed to hear his case. It should be interesting as folks buy his produce precisely because it is produced differently. Between “letting the market work it out” and minding your own business, Pitting Miller’s traditional ways against the machine of mass production could show a way forward in this crazy progressive age – when the people are “hands on” the government should be “hands off”. In other words, the more we do for ourselves, the less we need government to do for us. That’s a win-win!

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