Now you don’t

If you are serious about online privacy, Gear Patrol think they know how you can start to become a ghost in the machine. They recommend deleting Facebook and prescribe a nomadic use of public wi-fi, which all sounds a bit tricky. Well, at the very least stay away from TikTok! Yes, China is likely a paper tiger, but ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company has its fingers in many pies, collecting information for who-knows-what. 

While we’re at it, a new report says that at least 15% of Chinese Twitter accounts are bots, so Elon Musk might just be on to something…

Americans have plenty of surveillance going on in their own backyard though. 

A First Circuit court of appeals has ruled that a case against the IRS can proceed. Appellant, James Harper says that details about his cryptocurrency portfolio were collected illegally in a “dragnet” operation performed by the Internal Revenue Service.  

Tech privacy link round up:

RaspberryPi-powered device can check if you’re being followed

Considered the gold standard of data security, hackers are finding novel ways to steal from air-gapped computers

ICYMI Amazon has purchased robot vacuum company Roomba. Tech writers are speculating what Amazon could do with a map of the interior of you house, collected by your appliances. It will probably just be used to sell you more stuff..

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