A red menace

In what is an unusual move for President Biden, he delivered a speech last week. The optics were pretty wild, (ICYMI) with deep red lighting which some compared to the theatrics of the Third Reich. CNN questioned the presence of Marines during a political address. While the President’s speech contained calls to unite and fight for the “soul” of America, critics noted he spent quite a bit of time vilifying “MAGA Republicans”, labelling them “a threat to democracy”. 

While no one could really explain what the President meant when he labelled his opponents as “semi-Fascist”, Babylon Bee editor Kyle Mann said in an interview on Issues Etc, the President has become everything he criticized President Trump for being. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre may have made his point recently when she said that if you aren’t with the majority opinion, then you hold an “extreme” view. Maybe she forgot that half the country didn’t vote for President Biden and that many Americans are unhappy with his policies?

But whether you’re a “MAGA Republican” or not, you are a threat to the evil schemes endorsed by our leaders. As podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey pointed out on Instagram, “You’re a threat to abortion on demand, to children’s hospitals butchering kids, to the communist indoctrination in schools, to medical tyranny, to all the idols they worship. Own it.” She’s right when she says “They’re banking on you not noticing, not caring, not speaking up, not pushing back, not voting. Do not prove them right.” By God’s grace, we will!

On the back of revelations last week that the FBI instructed Facebook to downplay news about Hunter Biden’s laptop, several state attorneys-general have asked the Department of Justice to come clean on its involvement in social media censorship. Emails obtained by the AGs show that Facebook was in regular contact with officials in the Biden administration, discussing what should be censored on the platform. Sounds kind of semi-Fascist to us…

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