Dragged into the light

At Mad Mondays, we’ve gathered quite a lot of evidence to show that the sexual revolutionaries are determined to recruit children. Or lie trying. Libs of TikTok, a social media account, consistently shows the insanity of progressive ideologues by re-posting their own words verbatim. For her trouble, the account’s owner Chaya Raichik has been pilloried by corporate media and banned by social media. 

She recently did some journalism of her own, to try and find out whether Boston Children’s Hospital really has kids’ well-being at heart. The Hospital received a lot of push-back after releasing a series of videos about “gender affirming” surgeries. The videos featured warm colors and a female doctor speaking about these horrendous procedures as if it were a trip to the dentist. The videos were clearly aimed at young people. 

Recordings of phone conversations by Raichik confirmed that Boston makes hysterectomies available to girls as young as 16. But as she points out in a piece at Human Events, the mainstream media are not upset about what is happening to children, they are only mad that the truth has been discovered. They makes sense when we consider what St John wrote that “everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.” As they say, Sonlight is a good disinfectant! 

The Post-millennial says that a “family-friendly” drag show in Wisconsin was handing out free referral letters for transgender drugs and surgeries. Make no mistake, the revolutionaries are committed to their mission. PM also reported that “heavily armed” members of Antifa stood “guard” outside a Texas drag show, advertised as an activity for families. 

But the problems that trans activists claim they are solving are actually made worse by their programs. Activists will claim that pushing ahead with drug use and surgery will improve mental health outcomes in children. But The Federalist wrote that a study aimed at proving gender “affirmation” helps vulnerable young people actually confirmed the opposite. Kids are not being helped by this movement and it needs to be stopped. Pray against this wicked industry and all its enablers, both human and demonic.

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