Turn it off

The modern conundrum is that along with the mythologies of the gods we have also lost the imaginative capacity to believe that malevolent powers actually exist outside of fantasy fiction.

Oh, we’ll complain about “them” plenty. We’ll call “them” crazy and crack a cynical joke. But this is all a mask. It’s a type of avoidance. It’s not the same as accepting that a considerable percentage of humanity is filled with people who largely act on a scale balanced between malice and greed.

The assumption that pagans will operate publicly in a spirit of benevolence is not just strictly un-biblical. It’s damned foolish. It is the failure to recognize and label the outright fraud of Secularism for what it is: demonic religion of an ancient capacity, dressed up in clown makeup and pretending to be your friend.

Our willingness to ignore this ongoing capacity for intentional evil in others, particularly within human governments, is how elites like our current regime have become the norm of history rather than the exception. The centralization of power by and to those proven to be dishonest is not something to shrug at while mumbling “Romans 13.” A better world can exist. Propaganda does not have to be your prophet. You can walk bravely into the bold new world with your eyes open and your head held high.

But you cannot repent with your eyes squeezed shut. You cannot see the whole picture while staring at a screen.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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