Unfair exchange

Every Lutheran’s favorite satirist, Pastor Fiene weighed in on President Biden’s plan to wipe $10K off student loans. The internet was flooded with bad Bible-esque takes on how debt forgiveness should be right in every Christian’s wheelhouse. Pastor Fiene says “Comparing the saving work of God’s Son to the government canceling student loans is not an apples-to-apples comparison…It’s an apples-to-fire-hydrants comparison.” As he points out, it’s not just that Christ took our debt on himself, but also that he “filled your account with the treasure of His righteousness, the only thing that could make you worthy of eternal life”. Now that’s a sweet exchange!

To more mundane treasures….New analysis suggests that more than half of Bitcoin trades are fake. Analysts at Forbes say that investors use “wash trading” to make the cryptocurrency look more popular. 

The French government is getting creative with its taxes. Forbes is reporting that private jets may be subject to heavy taxes. The Verge has reported that French authorities used machine learning to detect unregistered swimming pools and tax them. 

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