Demand and supply

It has been observed by a number of pundits recently that the demand for racism seems to be outstripping supply. Due to the mercurial definition of racism, discrimination and bigotry can be found under every rock. Classical music is racist. One gentlemen admired the white supremacy that led to a teenager jumping on a trampoline with abandon. As this parody Twitter account shows, most things are racist. 

In this charged environment, accusations of racist slurs at a college volleyball match sent both university administrations into meltdown and drew media attention. And yet, it has been proven to be a false report. Like the Covington teenagers and the trials of Jussie Smollett, there is a lot to take account of before presuming a racist motivation. 

Being a victim today is socially-rewarded. With so many are keen to play along, false claims distract from the real work of reconciliation and healing in families and neighborhoods. So have compassion on those who are harmed, but refuse to participate in a race-baiting fiction, which doesn’t serve the oppressed and breeds more division.

In other news…A bakery near Oberlin College has won a lawsuit after the college branded them racist for apprehending shoplifters. 

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