A quick tour

The governors of Texas and Florida showed they weren’t kidding around last week. Governor Abbott dropped busloads of illegal immigrants outside the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris and Governor de Santis flew 50 people to the wealthy enclave of Martha’s Vineyard. The Twitterverse was equal parts freaking out and smug as the MV community rallied, fed them, and then sent them away with hugs and tears to a military facility at Cape Cod. Community spokesmen chastised the governors for using migrants as pawns in their “sadistic” political stunt.

It certainly was a stunt, but it has forced a conversation which many lawmakers and elites seem reluctant to have. The White House continues to insist that the southern US border is secure, but those on the ground say that people are still pouring in (here and here). The fire warden of one border town said their mortuary is overwhelmed with bodies plucked from the Rio Grande. 

Although the people of Martha’s Vineyard insist they “stand with migrants” and are against racism, when it comes to really keeping their word, it proved too much. Kyle Mann of the Babylon Bee made an interesting observation. More than just promoting virtue signaling,  a woke worldview deludes its adherents into feeling they have done good just by supporting the “collective systems that purportedly help people”. 

Tipping your hat to the right stripe of political action exonerates you from showing real mercy or sacrificing for a neighbor. The harm created by their grandiose ideas affects those less fortunate, while they remain shielded by wealth and power. It is like the indulgences of Luther’s time, like the Pharisees of Jesus day, who contended that they didn’t need to look after their parents since they had the loftier claim of giving to God. 

We gotta pray against these manmade religions! True repentance and true charity will only come with the recognition of real sin. That can only come through the hearing of the word of Christ, the Scripture which is able to make men wise for salvation. Pray that politicians will put aside their bluster and deal with the crisis as they ought.

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