Feet to the fire

Author Matt Walsh as been at it again, doing journalists’ jobs for them. In a tweet thread, he reported that a transgender clinic at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville has been giving cross-sex medications and performing transgender surgeries for young children. 

While that is gross enough, his thread shows that Vanderbilt executives promoted the gender clinic program as a money spinner for the hospital, with “top surgery” bringing in $40K dollars per patient. Transgender procedures create lifelong dependency on the medical system, a fact which was not lost on Vanderbilt.

Walsh also documents a senior doctor saying that staff would not be exempted for conscientious objections and that they should consider leaving if they couldn’t be part of the mutilation of children (our words, not theirs). As we’ve written before, the human capacity for evil is hard to fathom at times, but as Walsh’s tireless example has shown, speaking up and sharing reports that show how deep the muck goes does bring it to light. And the demons definitely don’t like that! 

In related news.. London Marathon will offer a “non-binary” category for race participants. 

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