That’s all, folks!

Well, you have it from the mouth of the President of the USA – COVID is still an issue, but the pandemic is over. Phew! Thanks for the heads up. Medical experts were disappointed that the President would muddle the messaging, saying that a broader discussion with stakeholders was necessary to really determine if it’s over. White House press secretary said the President was distracted and didn’t really mean what he said. The President’s comments wiped billions off the share price of Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax. 

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley pointed out that if the pandemic is over, then emergency powers should be rescinded. This applies especially to government hand outs, including student debt cancellation, which was passed grounds of pandemic-related hardship. Turley also points to mandates still in place for various workers, including members of the military and health sector employees. 

We know the President says a lot of things. But pray that the ones who want to cling to the power and wealth they have gained during the last two years will be humbled.

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