What’s out there

Augmented reality alters mind. This is media ecology.

Watching a screen puts you into a disembodied state. Your body becomes nothing but a shell and in the same moment you are deprived of its greatest value. To engage the projection, you project your consciousness into a virtual space. In exchange for this heightened mental experience, you willingly submit to a sensory deprivation of all other factors.

That is, you get hypnotized.

For a time, you are not you, but a product of direction and programming. This is the brute force result of submitting to externally controlled suspended reality.

How does it feel? Even reading on a screen, you descend into a mysterious “altered state of communication.” Your mind is projected beyond your conscious body. Your senses of smell, touch, and feel are diminished. More than when reading a book (which itself shares some such elements of mystery,) you are also energetically entangled in a network of unseen powers that unite your moment on the internet with every other psyche also held captive at this instant.

This external co-mingling of souls makes it easier for men you neither know nor see to instigate control over you. With intention, they can “update” you, unmoor you from reality, and alienate your from your own sense of error or reason. This is on top of the data mining, machine learning, and surveillance that are taking place under the hood.

Take, for example, Dr. Anthony Roberto, a recognized researcher of persuasion and social influence who specializes in the design, implementation, and evaluation of strategically persuasive communication campaigns. He says, “Research suggest[s] that [networked] reality includes paraphysical effects, that nonmaterial mental states exist and transact with physical systems, and that humanity has a mental or consciousness aspect which transcends its physical nature.”

That is, the makers know that they can deactivate portions of your coherent thought with consistently mitigated electronic hypnosis and, for their own ends, are studying what they can do to “cause a directional fracture effect in the psyche.”

Most people are already so absorbed in this rigged game that, no matter how bad their real experiences become, they refuse to believe it is either possible or beneficial to opt out. You can’t cancel the subscription. How would you know who you are anymore?

But if you’ll take my word for it, the only way to truly know who you are is to take that impossible risk, cut the cord they’ve told you that you cannot break, and find out what’s actually out there. You don’t need “them” nearly so much as “they” tell you that you do.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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