Following orders

(Part 5 in the multipart series “Where We Stand.”) Information is formation that goes into you.  This is why bad information is worse for you than no information.  Foolish judgment means not only “not knowing the right things.” It also means “knowing the wrong things.” This is why when the BBC Trusted News Initiative silenced the Great Barrington… Read More Following orders

Day zero

It’s official. After camping at the black gates of Twitter for months, Elon Musk stormed into Isengard, becoming the “Chief Twit” of Twitter last week. He brought a large sink with him, but we’re not sure why. Triggered employees and other progressives were all a-flutter, with one WashPo journalist saying it was like the “gates of hell” had opened. … Read More Day zero


A joint-committee of Florida’s two medical boards has approved “rule-making language that would ban children from taking hormones or undergoing surgery to treat gender dysphoria” according to Politico. In doing so, health officials in the state are going against national guidelines from both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association who insist that “gender-affirming… Read More Womanface

A red wave if you can keep it

This week’s edition of Demonic Clown World is brought to you by Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams. When asked why her primary focus has been Roe vs Wade rather than reducing the cost of living for people, Abrams said that having an abortion is connected to household budgets because “having children is why you’re worried about the price… Read More A red wave if you can keep it

Boys to men

A recent study has shown a growing disinterest in fatherhood among childless men. The study collated data from three sources, finding that the amount of men who said they didn’t want children had doubled in the last two decades. While the trend is clear, the study’s author says more research is needed to find out why.  Psychologists have… Read More Boys to men