All an act

In the grand tradition of giving Orwellian titles to bills, the naming of the Democrat-sponsored “Respect for Marriage Act” is designed to deceive. Jared Eckert writing at Daily Signal says that the bill is a danger to natural marriage and is nothing more than political posturing, a way to gauge who is (and is not) on the progressive bandwagon.

Emma Watson writing at WNG  warns that the Act is intended to destroy the building blocks of society. She points that savage men such as Vladimir Lenin understood that marriage was fundamental to a stable society and beat back access to no-fault divorce. Annie Holquist from Intellectual Takeout put it well when she said that staying married and raising a family is an “act of civil disobedience”. So be encouraged faithful Christian, in your little corner of the world! Your perseverance in these matters is an insult to the spirit of the age.

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