Shreds of evidence

More information about COVID-19 vaccines is coming to light. Last week, the Journal of the American Medical Association printed the results of a small study showing that breast milk from “lactating individuals” (you may know them as “mothers”) contained trace amounts of mRNAAlthough the sample was small, the assurance that the vaccines did not travel through breast milk was also extrapolated from just a few samples. The Journal said it is “critical that lactating individuals be included in future vaccination trials to better evaluate the effect of mRNA vaccines on lactation outcomes”. 

A new study has shown that COVID vaccinations are affecting women’s menstrual cycles. While anecdotal evidence and stories from affected women have been circulating for some time, suspected as such, the analysis is the biggest so far, with data from almost 25000 women around the world. 

A vaccine expert has advised young, healthy people to steer clear of COVID vaccine boosters as there is “no clear evidence” that there is any benefit for them. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, insisted that asking healthy people to get a booster which has not gone through human trials is unreasonable if obvious gains could not be demonstrated. 

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