Synthetic reality

Deepfakes are getting pretty slick. Hackers have used machine-generated creations to hack companies and steal money. Hackers managed to fool executives from cryptocurrency company Binance into believing they were in a Zoom call with their chief communications officer. Separating the real from the fake may require more technology, but ArsTechnica reports that a real person is still too complex for a computer to imitate perfectly.

You may have read of artificial intelligence systems that can create artwork (one such piece made it into the Quick Hits a few weeks ago). Machine learning models use billions of data to create an image that is described to it. Not to be outdone, Meta has announced it is working with text-to-video A.I. generation. 

Getty Images, a provider of photos for designers and media companies, has banned A.I.-generated images citing copyright issues. Programs that can create artwork are usually “trained” using other artist’s work. Given the complexity of who gets credit for what, A.I. creations may spark many legal challenges. Soon, the machines may want in on the royalties!

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