Your brain on transhumanism

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Joe Allen writing at The Federalist has drawn attention to new US government funding approved by the Biden administration for all sorts of creepy research. Discoveries in the field of medicine happen all the time and can deliver life-saving benefits to many. However Allen says this alliance between the “military-industrial complex” and the “biomedical establishment” represents “federally-funded transhumanism”. He says the goal is not healing but enhancement. 

Dr Joseph Mercola, writing at LifeSite News believes that new technologies in vaccines are also part of a transhumanist pursuit. Perhaps the pandemic, filled with fear and uncertainty, primed us for the technocrats who want to cover themselves in glory. People did what they were told so they could get on with their lives. But as we’ve written before, the confluence of mankind’s desire to improve and its fear of death, is a tower of Babel. The madness of fools will ultimately only be restrained by the power of God. So we must pray that he will bring this to an end. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

You have to see it to believe it.. Manel de Aguas, a Spanish “cyborg artist and transpecies activist” has attached “weather fins” to the sides of his head. The shell-like fins are attached to his brain vis circuitry. While it took him a while to get used to the extra stimuli, Manuel says he now has increased empathy “toward nature and all other non-human species”. Lord have mercy!

And ICYMI, the CIA wants to bring back woolly mammoths 🦣

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