Home truths

Presbyterian minister CR Wiley joined the Caldron Pool podcast for an interesting discussion about manhood, feminism, and the significance of households. Wiley speaks about how the human household, when ordered rightly reflects a greater reality. The language of family is used widely in the Bible so it is no wonder the zeitgeist is attacking it so vehemently. As journalist Auron MacIntyre tweeted “The family is the final barrier to the total state”. 

While most of our readers will agree that feminism has had a massive destructive impact on the household, Wiley argues the Industrial Revolution was the first step. With fathers spending the bulk of their days “at work”, the household has slowly transformed from a productive place to largely a leisure retreat. As he points out, the machinations of corporations and business seek to turn us into gears, part of and dependent on the system. But Wiley urges his audience to consider stepping out of the grind and taking back some autonomy. 

Wiley sees the household as ground zero for a cosmic battle. Not just because it can bring stability to a crumbling civilization, but as St Paul tells the Ephesians, the picture is really of Christ and his church. 

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