Are we at the bottom yet?

It’s almost too gross to contemplate, yet this is where we are. In a bid to be nominated for Congress, a New York politician made a sex tape with a porn star and released it as part of his attention-grabbing campaign. The would-be Congressman says he’s all for “legalizing sex work, and making sexual rights explicit”. 

We’re not sure why he thought it would be a good idea. He must have missed the report that hundreds of parents, the majority of whom were Muslims, protested pornographic books in school libraries in Dearborn, MI. They want less sexualization in our communities not more. 

We may be overly optimistic, but there are signs that people have had just about enough of woke sexuality. Post Millennial is reporting the cancellation of a gay Superman comic series after just a few issues. A big-budget gay romantic comedy has flopped at the cinemas on its first weekend. The writer and star of the all-gay (cast and crew) production – not very diverse – blamed homophobia for the poor box office performance. 

Could it be that people all over America have better things to do with their time than consume preachy entertainment? Here’s another example. Amazon’s very pricey production of Lord of the Rings has not been very well-received. Daniel Coats at Not the Bee notes that the “muddled morality” of these characters is far removed from Tolkien’s original. “To many filmmakers, pure goodness is too boring. They feel the need instead for conflicted characters with profound moral failings that we can relate to.” He asks a fair question: can people who hate beauty make something beautiful? 

Psalm 135 reminds us that those who make idols are like them, blind, mute and doomed. Perhaps that is what many are noticing. With the ugliness of sin apparent in these turbulent days, woke elves and politician’s sex tapes are not where people will find peace or comfort. Pray for our nation, and be ready to give an answer for the hope that you have. There are many who are ready to hear.

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