An interesting article from UnHerd challenges the claims of “Big Veganism” and highlights the threat associated with a plant-based future for food production. The push for non-meat and lab-made proteins has come about under the guise of feeding the world’s growing population and fears of climate change.  However, writer John Lewis-Stempel says the problem isn’t lack of food but food waste and distribution. Well, how about the climate-change mitigating benefits of acres of soy? Lewis-Stempel says, “A Big Vegan world, without reform to waste and food-distribution policies, would require about one-third more cropland.” 

Lewis-Stempel warns that the major players in the meat industry are also buying stakes (not steaks!) in plant-protein companies. It makes sense if they think their days are numbered. His vision of the future, if this pattern continues unchecked, will see uniform, packaged food being all there is. 

It is hard to imagine President Biden going without his ice cream, but keep speaking up against the de-humanizing ideology climate alarmism. Proverbs 3 reminds us that God’s plans trump man’s wickedness every time. We live in confidence that Jesus promises to provide daily bread and will supply our needs. 

In other news… The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to hear oral arguments in a case raised by California law. As SCOTUS Blog reports, back in 2018, California voters approved Proposition 12 which means that pork products sold in the state must not have been raised in sow-stalls. Humane societies have joined the fight, saying breeding sows must be given room to move, but farmers outside California argue that it has no jurisdiction over what they do on their farms. We suspect that meat that’s raised better is better for you and tastier, but resentment against California throwing its weight around is also understandable! 

The Epoch Times published a story about Australian scientists who have developed a seaweed pill for cows that will reduce the amount of methane from bovine belching. 

An Arkansas judge has ruled that plant-based products may be referred to using meat-based words. Let us explain. A statewide law which banned the use of words like “burger” or “chorizo” or “hot dog” when describing plant products was deemed unconstitutional. And it seems inevitable… FoodDive is also reporting about the arrival of.. wait for it… the plant-based egg!

Alaska’s snow crab season has been canceled after it was discovered that a billion crabs are mysteriously AWOL.

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