Beware: There Be Zombies Here

(Part 3 in the multipart series “Where We Stand”.)

Mass Formation Psychosis, or media-inspired group hypnotism, is an observable phenomena that must now be understood as the ultimate goal of 5th Generation warfare narrative control. Why kill your enemy when you can “convince” him to join you?

In the fog of war, perception is everything. In a war of perception, fog is your weapon. When the battle is fought not with bullets but with worldviews, there are no limits to who is and who is not a combatant. There is no defined space and time for the battle. It’s all. It’s always. It’s now, and you are both the target and the weapon. 

To understand how great a threat such mental terrorism is to your peace of conscience and the sanctity of your holy places is a keynote moment of repentance desperately needed by American Christianity as a whole. Masks and vaccines are not the point. Chains of command and knowledge of trustworthy authorities are. 

Harnessed mass formation psychosis attacks the baseline social cohesion of your group by winning minorities within to become agents of enforcement. Preying on anxiety and fear, targeted “stories” catalyze aggression amongst allies, narrow the field of attention to predefined options and steal the rug of free and open discussion out from underneath the whole. 

Beware: there be zombies here. 

As the increasing disparate and mind-numbed populace is groomed to possess neither the grit nor the wisdom to resist the intentional inflammation of their baser passions, our descent into ever increasing barbarity is to be expected. If the elites use this as their excuse to extend the already ominous centralization of their power, only those woefully ignorant of history can be surprised. But better outrage and surprise than those who simply shrug as the beast rises out of the sea.

Now is the time to distinguish noise from meaning. Now is the time to remember your symbols and engrave them on your doorposts. Now is the time to remember the story of John Connor, then learn from the story of Robin of Loxley, and to tell your sons the story of David.

From the get-go this has not been about Covid-19. This is about the regulatory capture of your mind, your heart and the soul of your neighborhood. This is about globalist control, fascist philosophy, and demonic religion. This is about rejecting the reign of Jesus Christ as the ultimate centralizing power in the universe. 

He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision.” (Psalm 2:4)

Join him.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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