A deadly deal

President Biden has said he will be sure to codify Roe vs Wade into law if voters will help Democrats make gains in the Senate at the midterms next month, making it impossible for states to place significant limits on abortion. However, as Carol Tobias, president of Right to Life reminded listeners on Issues Etc, the bill that is being proposed by the administration goes beyond Roe and would make abortion-on-demand for all nine months legal all over the US. Pray that the gains of the last fifty years which resulted in the Dobbs decision will hold.

In related news, the Pentagon says it will cover the cost of abortion-related travel for employees. 

Readers may remember the story we followed recently of two gay men who were wanting health coverage to access surrogacy services. The push for women to contribute to fertility programs is lucrative and plays on women’s emotions. Fast Company recently featured a start-up which is looking to make harvesting and storing eggs easier. The technology is designed for egg donation and for women to postpone child bearing, but the long-term effects are still unknown. 

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