A red wave if you can keep it

This week’s edition of Demonic Clown World is brought to you by Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams. When asked why her primary focus has been Roe vs Wade rather than reducing the cost of living for people, Abrams said that having an abortion is connected to household budgets because “having children is why you’re worried about the price of gas”. Even if you could apply her logic to the children you have right now who need clothes and food, the single-minded devotion to abortion is quite evident. (Perhaps she also thinks Jonathan Swift’s modest proposal is good policy?)

Abrams is parroting her higher-ups who seem to think that the American people don’t know what they want or are too stupid to know what’s best for them. Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently dismissed polls that showed Americans are concerned about crime and inflation. Though the New York Post reported that Americans are paying over $400 extra per month on expenses due to inflation, Pelosi insists she knows what’s top of mind for Average Joes – abortion, climate change, and government hand outs.

Journalist Douglas Murray wrote a warning for politicians who think they can “just keep spending and ignoring voters.” Whatever the problems lawmakers inherit from their predecessors, the people will only tolerate broken promises so long.  While Republicans look set to make great gains in November’s midterms it is important that they have their feet held to the fire.

Whether it’s a red tsunami or as one commentator put it, a RINO stampede, we need to make ourselves heard. Don’t let them forget the tyranny that has been come in the guise of public health measures, or the use of government power to silence dissent or the bureaucratic help that promotes doctrines of demons to our children. We know that one party is on the side of life, but they need to be held to their promises. Don’t disengage and don’t assume that someone who wears a conservative label will fight for family, faith or freedom. So, as we often say, pray for wisdom – that righteousness would exalt our nation. Many things hang in the balance and clear-minded Christians know that staying the course is what is needed right now.


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